RetiRacks Wafer Handling Carts, Equipment and Storage

Retiracks brand products by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC, are reliable, unique products built for clean room, fab lab, industrial, and semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

RetiRacks by G2

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. is a manufacturing company located in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in stainless steel and polypropylene equipment applications, clean room furnishings, chemical wet processing, medical & research biological containment pass-throughs, chemical storage & delivery, control systems, stainless steel furnishings, and much more. Our technical expertise is unmatched, thus there is no project too simple or complex.

RetiRacks  - Wafer Handling Solutions

RetiRacks products are G2's line of Reticle Storage products. These products range from the most simplistic to complex units.

Made in the USA

GownRite brand products by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC, are designed and built in Texas. Our products are the choice for demanding enviroments where quality and reliability determine successful outcomes. We supply stainless steel products for the biggest names in government, hospital, industrial food processing, laboratory, medical research, oil and gas, and semiconductor facilities.

Custom Products - Direct from the Manufacturer

By working with G2, you are dealing with the source of your products. We work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements. This provides you the best results specifically tailored to your application and specifications.

What Makes RetiRacks by G2 Your Best Choice?

The quality of our craftsmanship shows in every product we deliver. Seamless joint welds instead of our competition's spot welds results in superior frame strength. Heavy gauge steel we use holds up better to heavy items, resists damage, and endures repeated industrial use. Full seam welds on polypropylene cabinets withstand the rigors of fabrication environments. We stand behind every product we manufacture with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.