Dry Storage Cabinet

The RetiRacks Dry Storage Cabinet is the ideal enclosure for your moisture-sensitive applications and are custom-built to meet your requirements.

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Dry Storage Cabinet

The G2 Automated Technologies, LLC Dry Storage Cabinet is the ideal enclosure for your most moisture-sensitive applications. Our dry Storage Cabinets are designed with static dissipative PVC viewing windows. We also carry a more cost effective line of Storage Cabinets. The G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. WAFER Storage Cabinets come in many different configurations.

Please contact us directly for a detailed drawing & configuration design along with a quotation. G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. carries a complete line of Cabinets that can be designed and manufactured to fit your facility’s wafer transfer needs with a multitude of customizable options and features.

Most of our dry Storage Cabinet models feature a plenum chamber that ensures uniform distribution of nitrogen purge gas. Stainless steel reinforced door frames extend the service life of doors and include along with a gasket seal. Our doors are designed with Locking Latches that will help further extend cabinet service life by operating without lateral torque that strains door hinges.

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders with the most reliable, clean, and accurate products available. Our products are designed to help you meet the most exacting requirements for a variety of wafer handling and automation requirements. All G2 products are manufactured in the USA.

Our Cabinets can be custom designed around your exact needs and requirements

Our staff of engineers are here to assist you in building within your budget. We’re sure to create a one of a kind solution to fit your needs without the excessive spending.