Epi Bell Jars

GE224 Epi Bell Jars to prevent furnace atmosphere contamination during wafer production in semiconductor facilities.

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Epi Bell Jars

In need of Epi Bell Jars? The semiconductor industry is moving towards higher density devices, furnace atmosphere contamination becomes an increasingly critical factor in controlling wafer yields.

One potential contaminant is sodium, which occurs naturally in the silica sand used to make fused quartz. If not removed, this highly mobile ion can effectively destabilize the electrical characteristics of MOS and bipolar devices.

GE224 quartz is made in a special process that eliminates up to 90% of naturally-occurring alkalis. The process achieves a typical sodium level of 0.1 ppm (vs. a normal level of 0.7 ppm), greatly reduces potassium, and virtually eliminates lithium. Typically grade GE214 but GE224 quartz is an available option due to the low alkali fused quartz tubing that is developed for the critical applications of the semiconductor industry. Similar to grade GE214 with the same exceptional high viscosity and visual standards, grade GE224 is manufactured using special methods to reduce alkali content to the PPB range.

• GE224 Material
• 25mm – 300mm Sizing

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