Quartz Tube Carts

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. manufacturers a comprehensive range of quartz tube carts for wafer fab tools.

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Quartz Tube Carts

G2’s RetiRacks offers a comprehensive range of quartz tube carts for wafer fab tools.

Our carts come in different finishes. For instance, our electropolished stainless steel squartz tube carts meet the most stringent cleanliness requirements. Our polypropylene quartz tube carts provide corrosion-resistance to a variety of chemicals.

Optional spring-loaded casters for cushioned, low-vibration rolling are available for further quartz tube protection.

In addition to the model shown here, carts can be specified in a variety of plastics, with specialized holding fixtures to safeguard your sensitive materials during process transfer.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll design a solution for your specific requirements. Quotes are provided quickly once our engineers review the request and your design is defined.

Optional Materials
• GE224 Material
• 25mm – 300mm Sizing

With over 20 years of practical experience we offer a complete line of customizable wafer handling solutions. All RetiRacks products can be figured to facilitate specific requirements for quartz, plastic, and silicon carbide boats. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders with the most reliable, clean, and accurate products available. All G2 products are manufactured in the USA.

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., manufactures a complete line of wafer transport products that can be designed and manufactured to fit your facility’s wafer transfer needs with customizable options and features.

Our wafer transport carts can be custom designed around your exact needs and requirements.