Double Door Pass-Through


EnviroPass® stainless steel double door pass-through cabinet has a low and wide design to allow trays to be transferred into or out of a clean environment.


Double Door Pass-Through

G2’s EnviroPass® double door pass-through cabinet is manufactured with high quality Type 304 #4 brushed stainless steel. The low and wide design of the pass through allows plenty of space for wafers and trays to be transferred into or out of a clean environment.

The cabinet hardware includes heavy duty multi-point latches and surface mount hinges.

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., manufactures a complete line of pass-through chambers with our EnviroPass® branded line of pass-through products. Our EnviroPass® pass-through chambers, consoles, and windows can be designed and manufactured to fit your facility’s needs with a multitude of customizable options and features.

• Durable 304 Stainless Construction
• Multi-Point Latches
• Heavy Duty Hinges
• Double Door Design
• Multiple Door Configuration

• Glass Viewing Windows
• Sloped Top
• Removable/Adjustable Shelves
• Custom Cabinet Sizing
• Custom Shelf Quantities

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders with the most reliable, clean, and accurate products available. Our products are designed to help you meet the most exacting requirements for a variety of wafer handling and automation requirements. All G2 products are manufactured in the USA.

Our stainless steel pass-throughs can be custom designed around your exact needs and requirements.

Made in the USA

Our EnviroPass® clean room, laboratory, medical and other industry pass-throughs, like most of G2’s products, are fully customizable. A no-hassle lifetime workmanship warranty is included standard for G2-manufactured products. Optional features can include 316L stainless steel construction, electropolish finish, customer specific sizing, KleenWipe and EntireSeam seamless interiors, ventilation with HEPA filters or ULPA filters, clean room fan filter units, and more. G2 offers a full spectrum of furniture and equipment for fabrication, food processing, laboratory, hospital, medical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and other industrial facilities.

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